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NanoBioElectronics Laboratory

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The NanoBioElectronics Laboratory was founded by its director, Mehdi Javanmard, in 2014, in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Rutgers University.


Our lab focuses on exploiting emerging micro- and nanotechnologies for health and environmental monitoring.


The high cost of diagnostic exams in the clinical setting has resulted in a healthcare crisis both nationally and globally.  The lack of sensitivity in current state-of-the-art biosensing platforms used in the clinical setting has resulted in slow and expensive diagnostic exams. This makes it economically unfeasible to regularly screen patients for a wide panel of biomarkers, making impossible the diagnosis of diseases at early stages while still curable.  By making use of the advantages offered by micro and nanotechnologies, we aim to develop sensing platforms which will decrease cost, increase assay speed, and improve limit of detection in biomolecular assays. Increasing sensitivity can enable earlier detection, and also can allow for identification of low-abundance markers that are not detectable with current techniques. 

Recent News


  • October 2020: Mehdi Javanmard gives invited talk at 2020 IEEE NEMS Conference.

  • August 2020: Mehdi Javanmard wins DARPA Young Faculty Award!

  • August 2020: Dr. Zhongtian Lin defends his PhD thesis! Congratulations Zhongtian!

  • July 2020: Dr. Pengfei Xie defends his PhD thesis! Congrulations Pengfei!

  • March 2020: Mehdi Javanmard gives invited talk at 2020 Tri-Con Conference in San Francisco.

  • January 2020: Mehdi Javanmard and Umer Hassan win collaborative research award from National Science Foundation!

  • August 2020: Mehdi Javanmard gives invited talk at Next Generation Diagnostics Conference in Washington, DC..

  • July 2019: Dr. Sakshi Sardar (co-supervised by Javanmard and Fabris Laboratory) defends her PhD thesis! Congratulations Sakshi!

  • May 2019: Dr. Tuan Le defends his PhD thesis! Congratulations Tuan!

  • January 2019: Mehdi Javanmard wins the National Science Foundation CAREER Award!

  • Javanmard Nanobiolab research in wearable biosensors showcased on PBS, NJ 101.5 FM, and several other news outlets!

  • 9/4/2018: Abbas' paper published in Microsystems and Nanoengineering (Fully integrated wearable impedance cytometry platform on flexible circuit board with online smartphone readout)

  • June 2018: Dr. Azam Gholizadeh Defends her PhD thesis! Congratulations to the first PhD graduate of the Nanobioelectronics Laboratory!

  • Mehdi Javanmard will be co-chairing workshop at MicroTAS with Kaushik Sengupta (Princeton) on "MINIATURIZATION OF BIOMOLECULAR DIAGNOSTICS: HYBRID APPROACHES ACROSS ELECTRONICS, PHOTONICS AND MICROFLUIDICS". Speakers include Jeff Zahn (Rutgers), Sam Emaminejad (UCLA), Shan Wang (Stanford), and Steve Chou (Princeton).

  • Javanmard lab will be presenting seven posters at MicroTAS 2017 in Savannah, GA.

  • 8/15/2017: Javanmard lab awarded grant from the NSF in collaboration with Zonouz Lab (Rutgers), Petropulu Lab (Rutgers), and Bayah lab (Georgia Institute of Technology) to develop solutions for enabling trustworthy and secure additive manufacturing systems.

  • 8/8/2017: Javanmard lab awarded another grant from DARPA in collaboration with Mark Allen (UPenn)! Thanks DARPA!

  • 7/15/2017: Javanmard lab awarded grant from the NSF in collaboration with Sengupta Lab (Princeton University) to build a cross-cut hybrid CMOS-Microfluidic device for viral diagnostics.

  • 5/22/2017: Azam's EBC article mentioned in the news. Congratulations Azam!

  • 5/22/2017: Azam's paper published in Microsystems and Nanoengineering (Toward point-of-care management of chronic respiratory conditions: Electrochemical sensing of nitrite content in exhaled breath condensate using reduced graphene oxide). 

  • June 2017: Pengfei's article receives great coverage in the news. Congratulations Pengfei!

  • 4/28/2017: Pengfei's article featured on the front page of Lab on a Chip. Congratulations Pengfei!

  • 9/01/2016: Javanmard lab awarded grant from the PhRMA foundation to build microfluidic device for rapid assesment of patient response to novel targeted cancer therapeutics. Thanks PhRMA!

  • 6/24/2016: Three papers accepted this year at Microtas 2016 in Ireland. Congratulations Zhongtian, Azam, and Pengfei!

  • 5/24/2016: The NanoBioElectronics Lab welcomes Jeremy Mazumder and Mohammad Salem for the summer!

  • 5/15/2016: Mehdi Javanmard receives a DARPA award in collaboration with Mark Allen (UPenn) for developing a transcutaneous wearable patch for continuous monitoring of biomarkers in blood.

  • 3/20/2016: Three papers accepted to the 3-beams conference (THE 60TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ELECTRON, ION, AND PHOTON BEAM TECHNOLOGY AND NANOFABRICATION)! Congratulations Pengfei, Zhongtian, and Azam!

  • 3/1/2016: Mehdi Javanmard receives a NSF award in collaboration with Debashish Bhattacharya and Paul Falkowski of Ocean Sciences for "bringing proteomics to the field".

  • 2/24/2016: Azam's paper on detection of nitrite in EBC gets accepted for poster presentation at Hilton Head 2016! Congratulations!